Quantico Triathlon–12K Plan of Action

Updated 23 August 2018 v3




  1. Net Control: Brian, WC4J
  2. AS/Hospitality/Finish: Tom, W4PIO
  3. Waterfront: Andy, KJ4MTP
  4. Transition: Greg, KM4CCG
  5. Bike Mile 1: John, KK4TCE
  6. Bike Mile 9 (at the Barnett/Fuller turn): Ray, AA4SI
  7. Bike Mile 8: Jeff, WB6UIE
  8. Pervis/Fuller (Bike) Mile 5/6/7: Anthony, KN4KPS
  9. Russel School Turn (Bike): Steve, KM4KWZ
  10. 12K Mile 6: Rob, KJ4LWN
  11. Tri 5K Water: Tony, KM4KLB
  12. 12K Water 1: Bill, K5AE
  13. 12K Water 2: David, KG4GIY

Rally Point

We will meet at the McDonald’s at 13500 Russell Rd A, Quantico, VA 22134. This is the McDonald’s located on base, at the rear gate next to the Exchange. Please remember to bring appropriate identification to get on base (you driver’s license is acceptable, other forms of government ID may also be).

We will meet at 0500, we need to get the folks to the south end of the course by 0515, roads are scheduled to close around 0700. Race is scheduled to start at 0700. We will need to have those on the bike route help Brian set up NCS.


Our primary mission is eyes on the course to provide safety and back up the Marine Corps Marathon personnel. In the event of a downed cyclist or runner, contact Net Control immediately. There will be an ambulance on site for the duration of the event under the command of Top Doc.


This is a very large course. Mobile radios are prefered, but HTs will work. Be patient if you call Net Control. They could be talking with another station on Simplex that you cannot hear.

Bring a chair and a book. There will likely be long periods without any excitement.

At Start-Stop and the Water points you may want a headset - it can get very loud.

Operational Parameters

We will operate on simplex at 147.525, the normal ARES operational frequency. If you use cross-band, please use input at 445.950 PL 100.0 Hz and output at 147.525. These are channels 31 and 36 in the Quick Reference Guide. There are a couple of crossband machines in use. Please remember to count to five after keying up to make sure the outbound side is open. And once someone drops their transmission, count to three before you key up. You may not be in a position to hear another station call net control. Remember, NCS has command of the frequency. If they ask a station to hold, please do so unless it is an EMERGENCY.

Media Relations

Any questions asked by the public or the media, are to be directed to the Race Officials. We will have our PIO, Tom Fournier, W4PIO on site if anyone has questions about Amateur Radio specifically.


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